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Light Painting / Fine art / Studio Product Photography

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Dusted off the old light painting machine known as the “HoseMaster” it has sat on the shelf far too long. Really fun to paint with light and apply some of our digital tools of the trade. The same fundamentals as I used in the film days, but now we have a few more creative tools in the tool box. Here is a light painting of a partial belt of .50 cal ammo with tracer rounds. the other image is a photo of my Dad’s old work boots, I’ve kept them always knowing I would photograph them someday....

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Environmental Location Portraiture

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Photographed my friend Brian Peck, in his woodworking shop, Brian is a true woodcraft artisan, creating beautiful pieces of furniture and artwork. I’ve photographed his works over the years and thought it was time to photograph the artist himself!  ...

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Family Photography

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Having fun this last fall photographing families in our beautiful Black Hills, we had a extended warm fall that made it enjoyable to photograph families in Rapid City, and the surrounding area. Give me a call at 605.341.8698 studio or 605.381.3456 cell and we can discuss doing some family portraits this coming spring and...

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Black & White Portraits

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Photographing powerful straight forward black and white portraits in the studio. no posing, no props. Just the subject, the camera and one light! nothing more, nothing less, very powerful  ...

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High School Senior Photography

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  High School Senior Photography, is one of my favorite types of photography, shooting images in the studio and out on location in and around the Black...

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Children Photography

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Photographed the two brothers for an Ad for a local Rapid City business. We wanted to show the kids doing sports or activities they enjoy doing, photographing them just out of Rapid City in the Black Hills. I wanted to keep it  clean, simple and nicely...

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Athlete Portraits

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Photographed some friends after a Mountain Biking ride in the Black Hills. Just having some fun in the studio photographing portraits that are more loose and...

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Musician Photographer

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This photoshoot was to promote Orion and Stacey Potter. They are local musicians/singers. We did the shoot on location in the Vertex bar on the top of the Alex Johnson Hotel. What a fun shoot, we ended up with some fantastic images Thanks Orion and...

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Thank you for a great year!

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Thank you to everyone for a great year in 2015! The past year brought many exciting photo shoots from hanging out of a helicopter during aerial projects to peacefully sitting along river banks in the Black Hills for senior photographs. Through the past year, I was very fortunate to continue taking photos of my passions but also expanding to new techniques and ideas to make sure each and every client receives exactly what they want. With 2016 starting off strong, please feel free to contact me to schedule your Senior Portraits, Aerial...

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Wounded Knee, South Dakota Photography

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I traveled to Wounded Knee South Dakota last Tuesday on a photo assignment. I took a friend of mine along, who had never been there before. As I was photographing the area a young man came up to visit and shared some very interesting stories of Lakota indian history and culture. I totally enjoyed listing to this young man who obviously had been handed down stories and had studied much history of his Lakota heritage. Thank You Zintkala Wicasa for sharing with us on that beautiful...

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